Renewable energy had its best ever year in the UK, the latest data from National Grid has revealed.

Among the milestones achieved in 2017 were the UK’s first full day without coal power since the Industrial Revolution - which happened in April; the most electricity produced from solar power in any one moment; and the most wind power generated in a day.

In fact, figures published earlier in December by MyGridGB revealed that solar sources provided more energy than coal on 180 days this year. What’s more, coal only generated more electricity than solar on ten days from the beginning of April until the end of August this year.

However, while the renewable energy figures for the UK are great, Dr Andrew Crossland, from MyGridGB and the Durham Energy Institute, warned that the government needs to take greater steps towards phasing out gas, otherwise the country is in danger of missing its carbon reduction targets.

“Clearly, refreshed government support for low-carbon alternatives is now needed to avoid price and supply shocks for our heat and electricity supplies,” he asserted.

Those considering solar PV installations would no doubt welcome the idea of some kind of incentives to help them cover the cost of fitting this technology at their home or business.

Duncan Burt, director of the system operator at National Grid, told the Independent this year represented “a new era of grid operation”. He added that having more renewable energy in the grid poses the “exciting challenge” of “ensuring the supply and demand is matched second by second”.