When you sign up for services like your electricity, your new supplier will do all they can to get you on their books – which is why you often get better deals at the start than you might do at the end. As such, it’s always wise to know when the deal you’re on is finishing so you can decide whether or not to switch.

If you don’t do this and you do end up rolling over onto a standard rate tariff, you could well see a significant hike in your energy bills the following month.

New research from MoneySuperMarket has found that 63 fixed energy deals are set to expire before the end of the year, which could see you out of pocket come January… the worst time to feel the pinch, not least because the winter really will have taken hold by then and you’re sure to want the heating on high.

“At this time of year especially, with temperatures dropping and the thermostat creeping up every day, now is definitely not the time to be languishing on an expensive standard variable tariff, or inadvertently rolling onto one at the end of a fixed rate deal because you’ve done nothing. 

“We all want to enjoy a warm house over Christmas, without paying over the odds for it, so anyone coming to the end of their fixed rate tariff needs to act now,” energy expert with the price comparison site Stephen Murray said.

Luckily, switching is easy – all you need to do is pick a new supplier and then provide your address and bank details to confirm the switch. The new supplier will then get in touch to discuss your service switchover date.

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