Resource-efficient living is very much in fashion, and if you are exploring thermodynamic heating systems then there are many other ways to make your household more sustainable.

NuEnergy says the place to start is to try and live a more minimalistic life. Energy efficiency means optimising your home interiors, so have a clear out and recycle the things you could live without to allow a better flow of light and heat.

Re-thinking your energy source and pursuing solar options where available is an excellent way of living in a more resource-efficient way.

If you have installed in a renewable energy generation system such as solar panels, you should make sure your fridge, washing machine and dishwasher are all making the most of that clean energy. Look for appliances with 'eco' settings that will help you reduce your energy consumption without compromising on quality.

NuEnergy posted that an environmentally friendly remodelling project is a big investment and it is important to remember that the project will take some time if you are to do it right.

It suggests: "Set your goals for the remodel, but don’t stay married to them. You might have to make some compromises here and there to better suit your available means. Don’t worry, though – both your finances and the planet will be grateful for any sustainable changes you make."

If you are considering thermodynamic panels for your home, they have many benefits including saving up to 90 per cent on your water heating bill, as well as cutting your carbon footprint and adding value to your home.