With the recent spate of incredibly cold weather now behind us (hopefully until next year now!), no doubt there are many homeowners out there who are dreading their next energy bills landing on the doorstep.

And it’s no surprise, especially when you consider new research from thinktank E3G revealing that the rate of home insulation throughout the UK has fallen by 90 per cent since 2012, with England seeing the steepest fall of all.

Analysis by the organisation has found that public investment in energy-efficient home improvements has been slashed by 58 per cent in England in the last six years. But in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, two, three and four times as much per citizen respectively is spent on residential home energy efficiency programmes.

The thinktank is now calling on the government to slash energy bills, relieve pressure on the NHS each winter and help save lives by introducing a UK-wide energy efficiency infrastructure programme.

Commenting on the findings, the organisation’s senior policy adviser Pedro Guertler said: “The Government has hugely reduced home insulation in England, which has left millions of people freezing in their homes. Other nations have done far more to help their citizens.

“Making our buildings energy efficient is the most cost-effective means of decarbonising our energy infrastructure, it protects from the health risks of cold homes and keeps our energy bills down. The priority for our infrastructure programme should be to make our homes warm whilst slashing energy demand and bills.”

Those of you really concerned about your energy bills who are keen to reduce these as much as possible while also having less of an impact on the environment might want start looking into thermodynamic heating systems.

You may also hear these products referred to as solar assisted heat pumps and they’re a brilliant option for anyone keep to save money, reduce their carbon footprint and also protect themselves against the rising costs of energy.

Quite simply, all these systems do is take free heat from the air outside and transfer it in order to heat your domestic water. There are all sorts of benefits associated with this kind of product, including operating day and night, low energy consumption, heating water to 55 degrees C all year round, outstanding thermal efficiency, adding value to your home – and also saving up to 90 per cent on your hot water energy bill.

They can also be retrofitted to any existing hot water system so you don’t have to worry about this, and it usually only takes a day to install so there’s very little disruption to your daily life… and you can start reaping the benefits immediately!

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with the friendly and experienced team here at Jem Energy today. We’ve got years of experience in our particular field and would be more than happy to answer any queries you might have about eco-friendly home improvements.