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At JEM Energy we are delighted to announce our latest partnership with Energi Mine — The EnergiToken rewards program that offer ETK as an incentive for green energy choices. These tokens can be spent on our services and products including our thermodynamic hot water systems, battery storage and solar pv units.

We are making inroads in the clean energy industry, providing cutting-edge technology that aims to solve the energy-generation carbon-production conundrum. With a range of products and services for our customers in the UK, JEM Energy offer a viable alternative to air-choking carbon-churning brown energy production.

We provide tools for our clients to enjoy the long-term financial and environmental benefits of renewable energy production. Providing systems that offer the opportunity for users to enjoy extra income from their energy surplus as it is provided to the grid, while cutting costs and reducing the carbon footprint of each user.

We have now agreed to offer EnergiToken (ETK) as an incentive to our clients for their energy-saving purchases. The ETK currency can then be used as a form of payment toward the purchase of JEM Energy products, such as more solar PV panels and solar energy battery storage.

Our solar battery storage solution offers clients the opportunity to accumulate their solar energy for later usage in higher consumption situations, or to sell excess energy back to the grid. JEM Energy also offers inverter upgrades to keep clients’ solar energy collection systems up and running at maximum capacity. This way, clients can take full advantage of the clean energy our solar PV system collects.

Additionally, JEM Energy provides innovative technology in the form of our brilliantly designed thermodynamic water heating technology. This is futuristic stuff — collecting heat from the air 24/7 and storing it for usage in household water systems — and it reduces energy consumption needed to heat household water by up to 90%! It even works below freezing temperatures, which is pretty crazy when you think about it.

The revolution begins here

James Rodwell, Director at JEM Energy said: “We are thrilled to form a partnership with Energi Mine! We at JEM Energy have been long-time supporters of the EnergiToken project, and we strongly believe that the project will revolutionise the way people view and use energy. We look forward to seeing what the future will bring!”

Now, with our partnership with Energi Mine, JEM Energy customers can take advantage of these opportunities, being rewarded and subsequently trading ETK to enhance their ability to enjoy the long-term benefits of clean energy generation and distribution.

It is partnerships like this, that create amazing renewable energy applications, and will revolutionise the way the world gathers and distributes energy.

Imagine a future where your everyday energy needs are fulfilled — and financially rewarded with Energi Mine’s ETK — using the infinitely renewable energy of the sun. This will change the world for the better!

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