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1: The UK apparently sees on average 133 days a year of rain or snow (that’s just under 37% of the year), thermodynamic systems work on a thermodynamic principle, and have been ingeniously designed to work in all weather (including sub-zero temperatures). They take their energy from a variety of climatic elements, as opposed to being reliant on sunlight, which is how they are able to work all year round.

2: Thermodynamic hot water systems can be retrofitted to your property, meaning that there is minimal fuss and interference during their installation.

3: Thermodynamic water heating systems can serve as a fully reliable and independent source of hot water heating, and are capable of heating water 365 days a year, 24 hours a day!

4: Solar, thermodynamic systems can be preset and tailored to heat water according to your family’s needs, with the added benefit of a ‘boost’ button when needed.

5: Thermodynamic water panel systems are a newer and more advanced type of renewable technology, working on the ground-breaking thermodynamic principle of heating.

6. These systems are not as expensive as you might think.

7: The government are going to ban all fossil fuel heating systems in any new build homes from 2025 therefore, these hot water systems are the best possible renewable option available.

8: With our ever changing climate suffering from the CO2 emissions that we are ALL guilty of producing, thermodynamic, solar hot water systems such as these - are playing their part in protecting our planet.

9: Where it is possible for condensing boilers to freeze over and stop working at the time you need them most, thermodynamic hot water systems are capable of continuing to work without any interference in sub-zero temperatures – during winter, they take their energy from the snow and very low temperatures to generate hot water giving their users piece of mind through the colder months.

10: Suppliers of thermodynamic water heating systems will ALWAYS arrange a survey to ensure that the system is suitable for installation on your property – if it is not, then they will not sell it to you.

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