THERMODYNAMIC hot water systems can now be installed through accredited HIES members… such as JEM Energy.

Fully endorsed by Nick Ross and George Clarke - The HIES Consumer Scheme provides customers with trust, confidence and peace of mind when buying renewable products. They are a customer protection organisation who take their prospective members through a vigorous accreditation process. Accredited HIES members are deemed by HIES to be responsible installers of approved HIES renewable energy systems, which are arguably the best available in the country!

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Why JEM Energy Have Taken Steps to Become HIES Accredited Members

Following recent news that from 2025, all new build homes must be fitted with a renewable form of hot water and space heating, meaning that fossil fuel methods of heating such as gas boilers will no longer be installed or available - the only option left for new home owners in the UK, will be to fit alternative renewable hot water systems, such as those installed by JEM Energy Solar Energy Installers.

JEM Energy are market leaders and experts in the installation of solar pv systems, alongside thermodynamic hot water heaters - both of which they have already taken on a series of very successful, high profile installations.

It was of profound importance to JEM Energy, that they ensure homeowners can trust their installations and the efficiency of their systems, taking a huge amount of pride in their work and the systems they install… earning HIES approval was one of the best ways to reflect this.

 “It’s up to us to ensure through careful surveying, that any system you purchase from us is going to benefit you in the long term. We’re here to support you as you make the adjustment to solar energy systems, which are designed to provide you with a great quality of life, benefit you financially in the long term, and allow you to play a vital role in taking care of our planet. We have taken steps to become accredited HIES members because we want the quality of our installations to be reflected in their approval of us, as a company and renewable energy installer!”

James Rodwell – Director JEM Energy

How You Can Find out More About the Installation of Thermodynamic Water Heating Panels and Systems

It all starts with a conversation, no fancy words or confusing ‘renewable jargon’ just a conversation to determine exactly what it is that you want from a renewable energy product.

Although JEM Energy believe that their thermodynamic hot water heaters are hugely adaptable to wherever you might live, they will never install a renewable system without a successful survey and well thought through installation plan.

JEM Energy’s thermodynamic water heating system can provide for 100% of your hot water needs, work 365 days a year – even at night! So, if you are interested in making the switch to solar thermodynamic heating, then you just need to contact them, after which they can arrange a survey, and go from there!

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