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Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems and Solar Thermal Water Heating Systems

Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems and Solar Thermal Water Heating Systems

Considering investing in a Solar Water Heating System?
Read this before you buy a thing! ...

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Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems VS Solar Thermal Water Heating

  • Unlike solar thermal, thermodynamic systems do not require constant sunlight …
    The UK apparently sees on average 133 days a year of rain or snow (that’s just under 37% of the year), thermodynamic systems work on a thermodynamic principle, and have been ingeniously designed to work in all weather (including sub-zero temperatures). They take their energy from a variety of climatic elements, as opposed to being reliant on sunlight, which is how they are able to work all year round.

  • Solar thermal systems cannot be retrofitted to your property, whereas thermodynamic hot water systems can, meaning that there is minimal fuss and interference.

  • Thermodynamic hot water systems can serve as a fully reliable and independent source of hot water heating, unlike solar thermal, which can only give your existing hot water heating system a boost on days of sufficient sunlight.

  • Solar thermal systems cannot be programmed or adjusted, thermodynamic systems on the other hand can be pre-set and tailored to heat water according to your family’s needs, with the added benefit of a ‘boost’ button when needed.

  • Thermodynamic hot water systems are a newer and more advanced type of renewable technology, working on the ground-breaking thermodynamic principle of heating. The technology surrounding solar thermal systems is in no way as effective as these.

Making the Right Choice

At JEM Energy we appreciate that investing in a renewable system (especially if it is the first time), can be rather overwhelming, and sometimes being sure that you are putting your hard earned cash into the right system for you, that will ensure you see a reduction in your utility bills, as well as playing your part in taking care of the planet - can be equally mind boggling.

It is for that reason that we want to help you to be sure that you are spending your money wisely.

In our view, the Bunsen Air Thermodynamic Hot Water System, is the best possible method of renewable water heating and the only one that will ensure a higher energy cost saving return on your investment…. move aside solar thermal, there’s a new kid on the block!

For more information on our thermodynamic hot water systems, to arrange a survey or simply get some free, no obligation advice, then contact us here.