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FREE AIR Has the Power to Generate Continuous Hot Water – Day and Night!

FREE AIR Has the Power to Generate Continuous Hot Water – Day and Night!

Install JEM Energy’s green energy hot water panels - to generate continuous hot water, without need for constant sun exposure

What is a green energy hot water system?

Green energy is, in no complicated terms, a word that also implies ‘clean energy’ – basically, energy that has not been made by the burning of fossil fuels, which causes harmful pollution to the atmosphere.

Renewable or ‘green’ sources of energy production that we describe as ‘clean’, or ‘green’ energy, include solar, wind and biomass power– all of which can provide environmental benefits such as the reduction of greenhouse gasses, and therefore contribute to lessening air pollution which is having a distressing effect on our environment.

They are ‘green’ energy systems, because there are no or very little fossil fuels required to produce energy from them, and therefore… no, or very few polluting emissions which contribute to climate change.

How free air can heat your water

Some of the best known renewable energy sources include solar pv or solar thermal. We know that the sun is an excellent generator of renewable energy - but therein lies the problem… the sun cannot be relied upon all day and night, all year round (especially in the UK), as our exposure to it is of course – limited.

But what if we were to tell you, that there is a way for you to heat your water from a renewable energy source, that didn’t rely on solar generation alone?

Essentially a ‘sunless’ solar hot water system?...

Enter JEM Energy’s Thermodynamic Hot Water System…

Thermodynamic technology is probably the most ground breaking renewable energy source to have stepped onto the solar energy scene. Why? Because it is essentially powered by FREE air.

It is extremely versatile, and unlike solar technology and wind energy, which rely on one specific energy source, thermodynamic solar water heating systems can generate hot water whatever the weather conditions might be that day…


Rain, snow, below freezing temperatures, alongside wind and the sunshine, ALL play their part in the generation of hot water (which is even possible during the night)

Our state of the art water heating system, works by taking energy from the environment (whatever the weather), and using that energy to generate hot water. It does this with two externally mounted water heating panels which are connected to your hot water cylinder, and an internal heat pump unit which contains a rotary compressor – working together as part of a renewable water circuit.

Some key features that ensure our hot water system stands out from others are…

·       Rotary compressor technology

·       Specialist sound proofing - making JEM Energy’s renewable water heater the quietest on the market

·       Dual Exhaust technology

·       Dual Panel technology

·       Superior flow channel technology within the system’s thermodynamic hot water panels

·       ERP A Rated

·       HIES Approved

A full explanation of how the JEM Energy’s Thermodynamic | Eco friendly hot water heaters do this can be read here.

The manufacturers of our hot water system have created this water heater by taking the best possible research and analysis into heat pump technology, thermodynamic science and the particular aspects of a thermodynamic system that make them powerful pieces of water heating technology, turned them on their head, and created one system for thermodynamic solar hot water generation, that we believe to be the most powerful available, whilst remaining cost efficient to install and run and, (dare we say it) - easy on the eye!

Learn more

If you would like to know a little more about the benefits of the JEM Energy thermodynamic water heating systems, and how they could benefit your family, then simply visit our website and get in touch.